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X-Ray Microanalysis System 2100

X-Ray Microanalysis System 2100

  • Data Acquisition
  • Modularizing intellectualized control
    Bias voltage:Ц200~Ц1000V Function of eliminating accumulation
    Filter amplifier with changeable time constant
    Setting time constant while processing multi-pulse
    Automatic and manual calibration method
    100M spectral ADC with high linearity
    4096 channels spectra storage,multiple spectra storage region

  • Image acquisition
  • Grey level image resolution 64×64~1024×1024
    Image resolution of element mapping 64×64~1024×1024
    Line scanning resolution 64~1024

  • Analytical and applicable software
  • High quality spectra display and qualitative software
    Automatic peak identification
    Quantitative analysis software(including standardless and full standard and analysis software )
    System setting and calibrating software
    X-ray mapping and line scanning
    Image acquisition,processing and analysis software
    Particle analysis software

After successful developing the first set of commercial X-ray EDS analysis system KYKY lately manufactured another convenient and practicable microanalysis system----EDS2100 microanalysis system. Fully new operating interface is intuitionistic and convenient.Analysis and processing can be handled with a simple click to the mouse.multiple task operating method may synchronize spectrum line acquisition and other spectra processing.

The hardware system combined with abundant image interfaces adopts intelligent control method.After the instrument is switched on,the running status is continuously monitored while system parameter are being displayed.spectra lines are automatically kept highly stable by the automatic stabilization zero point.Owning to SLSI and PCI used in controlling and transmission rapid data acquisition and transmission can be achieved. Combination of intellectualized automatic and manual methods is applied identify elements.Generally qualitative analysis applies intellectualized automatic method.It takes less than 1 second to finish identifying all elements.Operator can precisely and rapidly analyze and process spectra data using quantitative analysis tool. The systemТs accessories of image acquisition and processing actively acquire and control secondary electron image.Furthermore the systemТs digital mapping and line scanning contribute the full analysis of EDS.

Thanks to highly compatibility of EDS2100Тs output devices any kind of printer can be connected with the system.spectral data,qualitative analysis result,image acquisition and analytical process,mapping and line scanning etc.,all can be directly outputted in Microsoft Word format.Therefore itТs easy and convenient for the operator to make academic reports reports and papers. Detectors matched with EDS2100 are manufactured by foreign company such as TermoNORAN.Any model of SEM and TEM manufactured by any company in the world can be matched up to KYKY-EDS2100