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Computer control type electronic universal testing machine WDW-50/10/200/250/300

Computer control type electronic universal testing machine WDW-50/10/200/250/300


  • It is good at speed and dynamics control with an AC vector servo-control system of AMK-KU type
  • Operating system: Window 98/2000/XP
  • Module control: electric hardware in the industrial control bus, exchangeable among many testing parts, easy in function extend and maintenance.
  • Range: 4 precision grades with the imported loading sensors.
  • Automatic memory: to store and repeat the testing conditions and results automatically.
  • Automatic return: the cross head can return to the starting position automatically.
  • Multi-control: multi-control functions, including move, load, stress, strain, speed, etc.
  • Micro adjustment: micro-adjust the cross head by software, convenient to proceed calibration.
  • Manual set: many ways of processing units make the adjustment of cross head much more convenient.
  • Continuous test: a series of test can be done after the testing parameters are set.
  • Measuring range: many sensors are supported to enlarge the measuring range.
  • Data inquiry: to inquire the data on testing curve with a mouse.
  • Many curves: many curves can be selected, including stress-strain, force-extension, force-time, strength-time, n value-engineering strain, etc.
  • Curve comparison: the curves in a group can be superposed to compare.
  • Local zoom out: any points on the curve can be zoom out for analysis.
  • Report edit: give out different report formats according to users demands.
  • Many purposes: to do many tests for the metal and non-metal parts, such as tension, compression, bending, cutting, peeling off, tearing, low circulation and creeping, etc. In addition, equipped with different devices, the r-value and n-value of a metal sheet can be automatically measured and processed. It conforms to the requirements of GB/T 228-2002 Metallic Materials Tensile Testing Method at Ambient Temperature".
  • After-sales service: Service and free software update online

Main technical parameters and basic disposition
Model WDW-50/100 WDW-200/250/300
Max. testing capacity 50/100KN 200/250/300KN
Testing machine grade 1/0.5
Test force measuring range 1%-100% of max. test force
Test force accuracy Within 1% / 0.5% of indicated value
Beam speed range 0.005-750mm/min, stepless, random setting
Beam speed accuracy Within 1% / 0.2% of set speed
Displacement measuring accuracy Within 0.5% of indicated value (resolution 0.001mm)
Deformation measuring accuracy 2% - 100% of full range of extensometer, better than 1% / 0.5% of indicated value
Effective tensile travel 850mm (500mm) 600mm (400mm)
Effective testing width 550mm 600mm
Power supply 1.5KW, 3-phase 4KW, 3-phase
Dimensions 1040 x 710 x 2280 mm 1100 x 760 x 2460 mm
Computer Branded computer
Printer A4 color jet printer
Clamping gripper Standard equipment: tension, compression & bending gripper, 1 set for each Extended equipment: optional grippers appointed by user
Weight 850 kg 1500 kg

Standard accessories:

  • AMK-KU servo-control system (Germany)
  • AMK-KU, made in Germany, adopting AC vector servo-control system and the motor has realized very high dynamic response performance and control accuracy.
  • Speed reducer (Taiwan)
  • The speed reducer made in Taiwan features high drive efficiency, stable and reliable performance, etc.
  • Electronic extensometer (patent):
  • After patent improvement, the mounting and clamping of new electronic extensometer has been much more convenient, efficient, stable and reliable.