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Vision measuring system NEW VISION-II
Modular design makes assemble and install maintenance more conveniently. Guide screw drive with lower noise, position accurately and move smoothly.
Vision measuring system VMH
Independent development of multifunctional gauge block is delivered with machines for teaching illustration and precision calibration purposes.
Vision measuring system MUMA
New Z-axis transmission device with precision fine-tuning and rapid move. Step zoom lens doesnТt need any linear calibration with software.
Vision measuring system Macro Scope
The workpiece flatness information can be got through the whole vision filed, the process is continuous.
Vision measuring system VMS
Z axis adopts clump weight, easily to use; the Z axis structure is stabled without being distorted.
Vision measuring system SV
Timing transmission of Y axes, closed loop design of X axes, insure that when running, the physical phenomenon of swinging left and right or swinging tail will not appear and so the precision increases.
Vision measuring system Radiant
American NAVITAR lens, with Motor Zoom technology, can do full automatic continuous zooming and changing multiple needs no calibration.
Vision measuring system VMC/T
CNC control system for the 4 axes(X/Y/Z full closed loop servo control system/U stepping control system).
Vision measuring system VMP
Programmable 4-quadrant ring surface light with the coaxial profile light to improve the measuring precision, LED illumination to avoid second distortion of the workpiece.
Vision measuring system VME/T
Multi-use calibration block is as attachment of the machine, used both for teach drilling and precision calibration.
Vision measuring system VML/T
Touch probe can be added, which maches with TPM software to do height measurement. Granite base and stand can promise machine structure steady.