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Body temperature check
Thermal response time 0.04 seconds Scanning large scale population in distance to detect the abnormal body temperature personnel.
Thermal Imaging Camera
Offers outstanding image quality and temperature measurement performance in an affordable, rugged and easy to use infrared camera. It works as a professional tool effective in different applications such as power plant, petro chemicals, scientific research, fire fighting, and building inspection, metallurgy, etc.
Online Condition Monitoring
With high thermal sensitivity, clear IR image,accurate temperature and easy operation, DM60 is suitable for a wide variety of applications of process condition non-contact temperature measure.
Security Observing
System perfects on-line security application under different weather condition, including detecting hidden danger, rescue, suppress smuggling, search as well fire protection and etc.
Fire Fighting Type
firefighting thermal imaging camera integrates 160x120 uncooled FPA detector. Featured with temperature measurement function and unique firefighting color scale, F2 has specifically designed to help firefighters to see through smoke, identify and quick locate targets in scene of fire