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Rockwell hardness testers
The Rockwell Hardness test is a hardness measurement based on the net increase in depth of impression as a load is applied. Hardness numbers have no units and are commonly given in the R, L, M, E and K scales. Standards: ISO 6508-1, ISO 2039-2, ASTM E18
Brinell hardness testers
Brinell hardness is determined by forcing a hard steel or carbide sphere of a specified diameter under a specified load into the surface of a material and measuring the diameter of the indentation left after the test
Vickers hardness testers
It is the standard method for measuring the hardness of metals, particularly those with extremely hard surfaces: the surface is subjected to a standard pressure for a standard length of time by means of a pyramid-shaped diamond.
Leeb hardness testers
Leeb hardness tester, for the quick hardness test of metal materials
Shore durometers
These advanced and high-performance durometers are ideal for hardness testing of elastomers and plastics.
Brinell, Rockwell and Vickers hardness testers
This testers can be used for measuring the Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers hardness of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in the factories of machinery and metallurgy, laboratories of colleges and scientific research institutes. It is especially suitable for determining the hardness of thin and small-sized workpieces.
universal testing machines
Universal material testing machines which are suitable for testing of tensile, compression, bending, shearing, peeling and tearing of metal materials and non-metal materials.
impact testing machines
Material pendulum impact testing machine used to determine the anti-impact capability of ferrous metal materials with high toughness, especially for steel and iron and their alloy, under dynamic load.
torsion testing machines
It is mainly used for to torsion performance test of a variety of materials. Also it can be carried out torsion tests for the parts and components with corresponding attachment
Ring-rigidity Testing Machine
RHG Series ring-rigidity testing machine is mainly used for ring-rigidity test of large-diameter glass steel pipe and of composite materials pipe. It is an idea test instrument for scientific research, quality-control unit and pipe manufacturers.
Specific testing machines
This testing machine is mainly used kinds of metal and alloy material testing in creeping performance and lasting performance under high temperature
Sponge speciment TM
High measure accurary: load,speed,displacement and transfiguration measure accuracy all can get 0.5 grade.
Micro-horizontal electronic tensile TM
Open data structure: no matter results parameters or course data all allow user calling randomly This is very good to scientific researching and teaching
Full-Automatic Erichsen Testing Machine RBT
Electronic-hydraulic full- automatic erichsen testing machine and electronic full-automatic testing machine. It is equipment for process test of metal sheets and strips