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Thermal Shock Test Chambers TS40
three-chamber type can be divided into three parts such as high temperature zone, low temperature zone and test zone, tested samples are put in test area in complete static state, special heat storage, cold storage structure and the way of forced switching of cold and hot air channel are used in introducing samples to test zone to finish high and low temperature shock test.
temperature/humidity Test Chambers SDJ40
programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber. Special air supply ventilation system avoids dead corner of air circulation in the chamber and improves evenness of humiture of products.
Programmable temperature test chamber WGD
fully-closed imported air compressor + environment-friendly cooling media + mechanical type single-stage/two-stage low temperature loop system, good cooling result and high reliability.
economic type temperature and humidity test chamber SH
Computer temperature and humidity controller with high-precision display and control of temperature and humidity.
Thermal ageing test chamber LR
Rotary plate driven by motor can be selected to heat samples in rotating way to study the change of rubber and plastic samples during fixed time.
High-temperature test chamber WG
Microcomputer PID temperature controller is used for high temperature control, stable and reliable control and simple operation. Complete product series, series of products at different temperature zones are available
Salt spray corrosion test chamber YWX
Chamber adopts rigid PVC plastic plate, the cover of test chamber uses transparent organic glass, surface is shinning and smooth, acid resistant, temperature resistant and can not be easily aged.