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High Throughput Microwave Chemistry Workstation (SI MDS 300)
65 L industrial grade professional chamber, double magnetron microwave emission, with the highest microwave output power of not less than 1800W
Closed Vessel Microwave Chemistry Workstation (SI MDS 200)
Advanced continuous non-pulse microwave heating technology enables microwave power to be adjusted automatically by the changes of pressure and temperature inside vessels.
Microwave Digestion / Extraction System (SI MSD 100)
Maximum Microwave Power:1000W, Dynamically adjusted between 0~1000W based on pressure and temperature inside vessels
Microwave Synthesis Workstation MSW
MAS-II is an enhanced microwave synthesis reaction workstation made for various reaction conditions. Unique patent pending two channel temperature monitor system is designed for large scale reaction states such as liquid, solid and liquid-solid mixture
Microwave Synthesis Workstation MSS
MAS-I Microwave Synthesis System is a refined, professional system designed for synthetic chemistry applications