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Precision thermostatic oil baths GT

Precision thermostatic oil baths GT

  • Special closed-loop circulating passage structure guarantees sufficient circulation of liquid in working room, key indexes such as evenness and variation are largely improved.
  • Liquid circulating device adopts gear coupling device, It is very efficient and reliable.
  • High-precision computer temperature controller is used for control of temperature in the bath through PID self calculating.
  • With functions of correcting measured temperature value.

Standard Configuration

Model GT304B GT306B GT309B
System Balanced temperature control system(BTC)
Circulation method Forced  liquid  circulation
Temp. range 90℃~+300℃
Temp. constancy ≤±0.04℃
Temp. homogeneity ≤±0.015℃(Level)     ≤0.03℃(Largest)
Heat up time ≤90min
Interior material Stainless steel sus304
Exterior material Stainless steel sus304
Heat insulating material Glass wool
Heater Stainless steel tube heater
Agitation device Gear coupling device
Sensor PT100Ω
Temp. control  method PlD control by microprocessor
Temp. setting method Digital setting by key
Temp. display method Digital display by LED
Safety devices
Independent overtemp. prevention, Breaker with overcurrent protection
Internal dimensions (mm) 200×150×150 200×200×150 300×200×150
Internal volume 4.5L 6L 9L
Top opening 200×150mm 200×200mm 300×200
Power Supply 220V, 50Hz
Power Approx 1.5KW Approx 2KW Approx 3KW
Stainless steel lid,1PCS/Product description 1set
Optional Accessories
External communication terminal(RS232 or RS485)/ Stainless steel lid etc

  • The performance shown here is the value under the condition of the ambient temperature of 23∞C±2∞C, humidity of 65%RH±20%. And there is not burden.
  • The projection is not included for Internal dimensions and External dimensions.