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Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer GC-MS3100

Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer GC-MS3100

GC-MS applications:

- Where a GC is needed, especially when an unknown sample needs to be determined.
- Deal with various sudden events such as harmful substance breakouts, serious environment disaster etc.
- Anti-terror, drug control and enforcement, explosive analysis etc.
- Widely used in environment supervision, food security, petroleum chemical and electronic industries.


- Fast qualitative analysis. The mass spectrums could be automatically handled and thereafter matched against the spectrum libraries, the analysis results can be printed. The reports display spectrum as per order of similarity coefficient. Chromatogram is referred for purpose of double confirmation.
- Quantitative analysis becomes more accurate and reliable. Mass chromatography is applied to determine peak purity, identify mixing peaks and confirm sole quantitative ion, remove interference.
- High efficient analysis. Selective Ion Mass scan (SIM) or Mass Chromatography (MC) is applied in qualitative and quantitative analysis of volatility and semi-volatility organic, it is used to track target compounds, fast check poisonous and harmful substances. For examples: organic pollutants analysis in environment (air, water, soil), pesticide residue in food, impurities and illegal components in medicine. Complex mixings analysis like essence, spicery, aroma components, biological label in petroleum, natural herb components etc.


- Excellent performance and cost advantage. To guarantee good performance of GC-MS, the major parts like turbulent molecular pump and some electronic parts are imported from world famous manufacturers. To save cost, other parts are made in China and co-produced.
- Consumables and spare parts are reasonably prices to substantially reduce the total ownership of the instrument to the clients, for example, the consumables such as ion source filaments, vacuum sealing rings, lining tubes for gasification chamber, etc.


- The ion source design is simplified so that it is convenient to clean the ion source and replace the filaments.
- The ion source is heated at multi-spots which guarantee extremely small temperature gradient around working area. Analysis becomes more stable. In the meantime, temperature blind spots are minimized to prevent it from pollutant contamination.
- The filament adopts special alloy materials, which increase its working lifespan, itТs no longer an expensive consumable part.
- Various vacuum pumps can be configured to meet userТs requirements at different cost level.
- Compact instrument structure design is applied to save your precious lab space.
- New type of electron multiplier is used to guarantee with a low base current.
- Both SCAN and SIM scanning modes can be used to meet userТs qualitative and quantitative analysis purposes.
- Perfect analysis precision, with good sensitivity it can meet the most difficult trace analysis.
- Optimized analyzer design, it will be very easy to couple with a chemical ion source without much changes; a standard quadrupole analyzer guarantees accurate spectrum.


- Power on, parameter settings, tuning, sampling and analysis can all be accomplished with clicks of mouse in the software application.
- Standard automatic tuning and manual tuning functions.
- Convenient Snap short-cut-key function makes data conversion between data process and real-time collection more easily.
- Multiple search programs are provided for all purposed analysis.
- User management system to provide the user with data and environment independence, so that there is isolation with users in the same workstation with data, parameters, and reports.
- A special interface is designed for petroleum component analysis, fast semi-quantitative analysis can be achieved.
- Diversified quantitative methods: external standard, internal standard, normalization method, etc. TIC, MC, MIC setting can meet different quantitative requirements for target compounds.
- Universal spectrum libraries in the world like NISY, WILEY, DRUG Е.can be supported for searching.
- Each working status of the instrument can be monitored by their parameters, vacuum leakage, and overvoltage protection may prevent its damage due to the failures of operational conditions.
The parameters critical to the user such as vacuum degree, ion source temperature, filament, column oven temperature etc. can be timely obtained. Fast switch between tuning and sampling, no need to look then around in many submenus.

Major Technical Features of GC-MS 3100

GC System:

1. Capillary columns with split/splitless features.
2. Special capillary columns are provided.
3. 8-ramp programming heating.
4. Workstation set up on the GC running conditions and monitoring running status.
5. Auto back-door opening of the column oven and overheating protection
6. LCD display screen.

MS System:

1. EI, Electron Impact ion source, heating range between 150-300℃ (standard).
2. Quadropule mass filter.
3. Mass Range: 1.5-1024 amu.
4. Mass Resolution: 1.5M.
5. Detection Range: 1pg octafluoronaphthalene. S/N=30:1
6. Scan Mode: SCAN and SIM
7. Scan Speed: 0-6000 amu/sec adjustable.
8. Electron Multiplier with high voltage d ynode, 0-3KV.
9. Vacuum System: 60-240 L turbo molecular pump, 2L/s fusion pump.

Data System:

1. MS built-in PC, 17ФLCD, Printer, Windows Operation System, high precision sampling board.
2. Automatic controls on various key components.
3. Self-Diagnostic Program
4. Universal search libraries such as NIST, Wiley, Drug, ect.. are supported.

Carrier Gas:

Helium gas with purity 99.999%, to be prepared locally.

Sizes and Weight, Power Supply:

1. 915 x 550 x 610mm, 113kg.
2. Power, 220VAC, 3KW.