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Gas Chromatographs GC-4000A
GC-4000A Series Gas Chromatographs are suitable for applications in analysis of gases, liquids, and mixture of gases and liquids
Portable Photo-Ionization Gas Chromatograph GC-4400
Portable Photo-Ionization Gas Chromatograph GC-4400 uses long life-span vacuum UV lamp and has high sensitivity, low limit of detection with broad linear range.
Multi-Point Coal Mine Gas Chromatogram Analyzer GC-4085
As one of the advanced products specialized for coal mine safety monitoring, with more than 10 years experience in the field.
GC-4008B Gas Chromatograph Specialized for Coal Mines
It can be used in coal mine analysis labs, to analyze coal mine gas samples, to forecast fire, to monitor degree of possibility of gas explosion, and to analyze all components of fire hazard gases.