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Founded on 1988, East & West Analytical Instruments,Inc. quickly became one of fastest growing private companies hi-tech landscape. Since established, the company provides .
To maintain the best quality of our products and services, EWAII has implemented quality standards in each operation phase. All EWAII products are designed, developed, and manufactured under ISO9001 Quality System.
EWAII is the only Chinese company nowadays with the capability of designing, developing and manufacturing Gas Chromatography, HPLC, AAS, AFS, COD, Now, GC-MS,. With the breadth and depth of our technologies and research, EWAII are capable of providing total solutions for customers and meet their ever growing needs.
The manufacture arm of the company. It employs 100+ the best trained engineers and assembly line workers. The facility current is housing 5 assembly lines, GC, LC, AAS, AFS, and COD. ISO9001 Quality System is fully implemented throughout each of the operation phase.