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XRF Precious Metal Analyzer EDX980

XRF Precious Metal Analyzer EDX980

The new type XRF Precious Metal Analyzer EDX 980 of Skyray is a unique specialist in analyzing the contents of precious metals like Au,Ag,Pt. It can be equipped with Si-Pin detector or proportional counter, to correctly measure the contents of Au,Ag,Pt,Pb,Cu,Zn,Ni in gold, platinum and K gold jewelries, with test results totally accord with GB/T 18043--2000.
One of its outstanding features is that: high--precise Z axis lifting platform is combined with laser positioning function which enables rapid sample height positioning and accurately analyzes the interior wall of jewelries. One key intelligent operation makes precious metal analysis so easy!

Application Field

Detecting precious metals like gold,silver,platinum,palladium ornaments and other jewelries.

Technical Specifications

Measurable elements: Cu, Au, Pt and Ag,etc.
Repeatability: 0.1%
Ambient temperature: 15°--30°
Test time: 60--100s
Power: AC 220V ± 5V(AC purified stabilized voltage power supply is suggested)

Standard Configurations

Detecting module: Proportional Counter (higher resolution makes test results more accurate)
X-ray source: 50kV, 1mA
Collimator: ‘1mm and ‘2mm (auto switch)
Filter: No
Sample chamber: Top lighting
Sample platform: manual height adjustment; positioning accuracy of Z axis platform reaches 0.02mm
Indication and warning: green power light, radiation warning light
Protective system: shut down high voltage automatically when top cover is open
Sample placing: unique sample platform and stops design allows placing sample easily, including ornament like bracelet needing to test interior wall