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Spectrometer EDX600 XRF

Spectrometer EDX600 XRF

Instrument introduction

EDX600 incorporates SkyrayТs years of experience in precious metals testing with unique product configurations and fully functional software. Its ergonomically design and friendly software interfaces grant the users a simple measurement job.
EDX600 is configured with an efficient and practical proportional counter, delivering compositions and plating thickness measurements of precious metals in a reasonable cost. The novel EDX600 has modern outlook, structure and color design.

Performance characteristics

Specialized precious metals and plating thickness testing
Intelligent Precious Metals Analysis Software matches perfectly with the hardware.
Arbitrary optional analysis and identification models
Independent matrix effect correction models
Multi-variable non-linear regression procedure

Technical specifications

Measurable elements: Au, Ag, Cu, etc
Measurement Precision (Standard Deviation Statistic): 0.05%~0.1% ( main element content over than 96%)
                                                                                                    0.01um~0.05um (for coating element analysis)
Tube voltage: 5-50KV
Tube current: 50-1000µA
Test time: 60~100s
Ambient humidity: <=70%
Ambient temperature: 5°-30°
Power: AC220V+-5V( AC purified stabilized voltage power supply is recommended)

Standard configurations

Single sample chamber
Laser positioning device
Proportional counter
Signal detection electronic circuit
High and low voltage power supplies
X-ray tube

Application fields

Content determination of precious metals Au, Pt, Ag, etc and jewelries
Thickness measurement of metal plating and content determination of plating solutions and plating
Precious metals and jewelries processing industries, banks, jewelries shops and testing centers, plating industries