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Spectrometer EDX4500

Spectrometer EDX4500

Performance Advantages

Super thin x-ray light tube with high performance
Newest digital multi-channel technology speed the testing. 100000CPS counting rate: more precise testing for alloy detection
SDD detector (Silicon Drift Detector)
Signal-to-Noise Enhancer (SNE)---Skyray Instrument patent product, enhances the signal processing ability by 25 times
Intelligent vacuuming system removes the interference of air, greatly expanding the testing range
Automatic spectrum-stabilizing device ensures the stability of the instrument
Automatic switch of collimator and filter
Built-in CMOS HD camera
LCD screen directly displays the testing results (tube voltage, tube current, and vacuum degree)

Configurations & Specifications

Measurement principle: EDXRF(Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence)
Applicable sample type:Solid, liquid, powder
Measurement range: Na to U
Detection limit: ppm Ц 99.99%
Resolution: 145±5eV
Testing time cost: 60-200 Sec
Precision: 0.05% (content>96%)

Key Components

X-ray light tube: Tube voltage 5-50kv, Tube current 5µA-1000µA
High voltage generator: Tube voltage 50kv, Tube current 1000µA
Detector: Digital multi-channel SDD detector
Collimator & Filter: Automatic switch
Sample chamber
Sample observation: CMOS HD camera
Sample chamber volume: 320mm x 100mm
Vacuum Unit (for high-sensitivity analysis of light elements)

Installation Requirements

Temperature: 15°-30°
Humidity: 35%-70%
Voltage input: 220V (optional: 110V)
Dimensions: 660mm x 510mm x 350mm
Weight: 65Kg
PC requirements: CPU 1G RAM 256M OS: XP (recommended)

Application Fields

Copper alloy, iron alloy and other metallurgy testing
Minerals and other special material contrast analysis