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Analyzer spectrometer EDX3600L for archeology

Analyzer spectrometer EDX3600L for archeology

Instrument introduction

The EDX3600L instrument is designed by Skyray to measure the contents of Na2O,MgO,Al2O3,CaO,Fe2O3,K2O,MnO,SiO2,TiO2,As,Cr,Cu,Co,Mn,Ni,Pb,Ti,V,Zn,Zr,Ba in the embryo and glaze of ancient pottery and porcelain, with instrument calibrated by the standards provided by two well-known research institutes, i.e. China History Museum and Shanghai Silicate Research Institute. Through referring to China Ancient Pottery and Porcelain Database, EDX3600L identifies the period and source of the tested sample. Plus, its super large sample chamber, specially built for archaeological industry, can accommodate samples of large sizes and various shapes, better presenting the non-destructive feature of X-ray Fluorescence spectrometers.
EDX3600L, not only a ceramic tester but offers composition analysis of bronze wares( Cu, Sn, Pb,Zn, etc ) and precious metals ( Au, Pt, Ag, Pb, Cu,Ni,Ru,Rh and Fe) and thickness measurement of metal platings, is multi-functional and indispensible to Archaeological research. The users of EDX3600L include China History Museum and China Collector Association.

Technical specifications

Product Name: Skyray Fluorescence Spectrometer
Model: EDX3600L
Measurable elements: Na to U
Element contents: 1ppm-99.99%
Analysis accuracy: 0.05%
Ability of simultaneous analysis: dozens of elements
Plating thickness: up to 0.01um each layer
Forms of samples: powder, solid and liquid
Measurement time:60s-200s
Tube voltage: 5kv-50kv
Tube current: 50uA-1000uA
Input voltage: AC 110V/220V
Consumed power: 200 W
Ambient temperature: 15-26°
Ambient humidity: <70%
Super large vacuum sample chamber: 600*600*1000mm3
Weight: 280KGS

Standard configurations

Electric-cooling UHRD Detector
I n-built SNE improves the signal processing ability up to 25 times.
Automatic collimator and filter switch
Light Path Enhancement System
In-built high resolution CCD
Enhanced Metal Sensitivity Analyzer
Intelligent full-element analysis software matches with the hardware well
Surface light source
Amplifier circuit
High and low power supplies
X-ray Tube
Multi-variable non-linear regression procedure
Independent matrix effect correction models
Triple safety protection model

Application fields

Ancient Pottery and Porcelain
Ancient Bronze Ware
Ancient Jewelries
Plating Thickness