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Energy Dispersive XRF Spectrometer EDX3600K

Energy Dispersive XRF Spectrometer EDX3600K

Based on its mature desktop XRF spectrometer technology, combined with latest technical results abroad, Skyray Instrument has developed EDX 3600K XRF Spectrometer in possession of independent intellectual property. The biggest strength is its large Be window high resolution.
SDD detector and rotary sample chamber. The product has passed the detection of China authoritative institutes, and the technology reaches advanced world level.

Application Field

It is a high-end device developed for powder metallurgy industry, mainly applied in industries like cement, steel smelting, ore smelting(copper ore, lead ore etc.), aluminum smelting, glass-making, refractory material analysis, powder metallurgy analysis, oil exploration, logging and analysis.
It can be also widely applied in geology, metallurgy, rare earth, environmental monitoring, non-ferrous metal, foodstuff, agriculture etc.

Performance Features

1. Ultralow energy resolution, better light element detection effect
It adopts large area Be window electric-cooling SDD detector with resolution as low as 139ev and all parameters better than national standard. With its good energy linearity, energy resolution, spectral features and higher peak-to-background ratio, SDD detector delivers better analytical precision on light elements like Si, S, Al.
2.Higher test accuracy, lower detection limit
Specialized sample chamber design. Rotary sample platform can test light elements more effectively. Vacuum sample chamber guarantees test pressure less than 10pa, thus enlarging test range and improve test accuracy.
3. Faster analysis, present test result within seconds
It adopts self-developed digital multichannel technology, with maximum linear count rate reaching 10kcps, to quicken analysis and improve stability.
4. One-click intelligent operation
Professional software integrating FP and EC algorithms facilitates test operation and shortens test time.
5. Automation
It is highly automated, with the functions of auto-opening, auto-switch of collimators and filters. Automatic spectrum stabilizing device is used to guarantee performance consistency.
6. Intensity correction method
Customers can set and add various test modes. The internal intensity correction method can correct the deviation caused by the different geometrical state and nonuniform density of test samples.
7. Perfect optical path system
The self-developed optical path system is featured by shorter optical path, less optical loss and better excitation effect.
8.Safety protection function
It has sound safety protection function;no X ray leakage when instrument shuts down
9.Safety Indication
The green light is on when the instrument is powered on; the yellow light will blink to indicate radiation when it is testing.


Detector DMCA100SDD: SDD, 25mm2, 0.5mil, 140±5eV
X-ray source: 50kV, 1mA
Collimator: 6mm
Filters: 6 switchable filters
Sample chamber: top lighting, 85 x 42mm
Test platform 360electrical rotation type
Indication and warning: green power light, radiation warning light
Protective system: sample chamber is controlled electrically. The test is completed when opening top cover.
Vacuum system: vacuum degree <10Pa
Sample location: unique sample cup design, with compression ring to prevent the sample from moving
Digital multi-channel technology count rate >50kcps

Technical Parameters

Model: EDX3600K
Size: 669mm x 540mm x 874mm
Sanple chamber size: 40.5mm x 39.5mmm
Weight: 90KG
Measurable elements: F U
Simultaneous analysis of element: more than 30 kinds of elements (more elements can be added based on customers demands)
Analytical Range:1 ppm-99.99% (it varies according to different materials)
Analytical Accuracy: 0.05%(for samples with content higher than 96)
Measuring time: 10 100 seconds
Resolution: 140±5eV
Excitation source: 50KV/1000uA-Rh, W target X-ray tube and high voltage power supply
Ambient temperature: 15°30°
Ambient humidity: <70%
Working voltage: AC 110V/220V
Detecting object Standard pressed powder sample(size:40mm in diameter)