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Full-element analyzer spectrometer EDX3600

Spectrometer EDX3600XRF

Instrument introduction

Better measurement results are what Skyray people have sought to provide to our customers. So is the service. The newly developed EDX 3600 is the exact product originating from such an idea. It carries the five characteristics of EDX Family: rapid, accurate, non-destructive, intuitive and environment-friendly, and also possesses many excellent features as shown below.

Performance characteristics

Vacuum chamber interface
Vacuum chamber
The air must be pumped out of sample chamber with vacuum pump while testing light elements of low contents.
Vacuum pump
Ultimate vacuum: 6x10-2Pa
Rotating speed: 1400rpm
Pumping rate: 1L/s
Power: 0.25KW
First large sample chamber in this century
Large vacuum chamber, large sample chamber, for large sample analysis
Triple safety protection mode
Independent matrix effect correction model
Multi-variant non-linear regression procedure
Arbitrary optional analysis and identification model
Electric circuit unit with high signal-to-noise ratio
High efficient X-ray tube
Professional X-ray fluorescence analysis software for full-element measurement
Skyray patent productSignal-to-Noise Enhancer (SNE)
Automatic collimator and filter switching a tradition of intelligence system
This exempts you from the complicated manual operation and its technological charm blooms in the humanity consideration.
Vacuum system- a technological advance
Compared with tradition instruments, it is more advantageous, which shields against the atmospheric influence and greatly enlarges the measurement scope.

Technical specifications

Product name: Skyray X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer
Model: EDX3600
Input voltage: AC 110V/220V
Power consumption: 200W
Ambient temperature: 15°-30°
Ambient humidity: 35%-70%
Analysis accuracy: 0.05%(above 96%)
Plating thickness testing can be accurate to 0.01µm
Measurement time: 60s-200s
Tube voltage: 5kV-50kV
Tube current: 50µA-1000µA
Energy Resolution: 150±5 eV
Analysis range: 1ppm-99.99%
Ability of simultaneous analysis: 24 elements
Forms of samples: powder, solid and liquid
Measurable elements: Na to U

Standard configurations

Si-PIN or UHRD semiconductor detector
Amplifier circuit, high and low voltage power supplies, X-ray tube
PC, ink-jet printer, vacuum pump (optional), pressure machine (optional)

Application fields

Electric and electronics (RoHS)
Minerals and other industrie