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Micro elements analyzer SUPER XRF 2400

Micro elements analyzer SUPER XRF 2400

SUPER XRF 2400 is a super functional instrument. It integrates common test and special optical path test mode (super sharp mode). Common test mode can test all elements, precious metals, RoHS, and plating. Super sharp mode can operate more precise testing to trace elements which are cared by customers. Because of the special super sharp optical system developed by Skyray, it reduces the background noise and improves the testing ability. Thus it improves the integral testing ability of the instrument.

Performance advantages

Special optical path system
Special optical path system satisfies the testing of different trace elements in the matrix, enhances Signal-to- Noise rate and reduces detection limit.
400W power x-ray source
400W power x-ray source can achieve higher counting rate of the hard-excited trace elements. The detection limit order of magnitude is one level lower than the common EDXRF analyzer, which is more suitable for trace element testing.
Digital multi-channel technology
Digital multi-channel technology improves the testing counting rate to 100kcps, improving the testing precision and reducing the testing time.
Oil-cooling system
Oil-cooling system ensures the cooling of x-ray source, making the instrument more stable
Optical shutter
Because of frequent open and close of big power x-ray source and high pressure system, it will affect the testing stability of the instrument. Equipped with optical shutter, it keeps the high pressure, improving the stability of the instrument.
Vacuum system
Vacuum system for light elements testing
Automatic sampling system
Testing 12 samples every time, greatly improving the working efficiency

Standard configurations

SUPER XRF2400: Super sharp x-ray source and sample excitation structure
Imported 400W end-window light tube with automatic temperature control system
SDD detector with digital multi-channel data collecting and processing system
Automatic switchable collimator and filter
High and low voltage power
Automatic switchable sampler system
Professional x-ray XRF software
HD CCD camera

Technical specifications

Measureable range: Na to U
Switchable testing modes: improve testing efficiency
Free switch of testing between the 12 testing samples
Highest detection limit: 0.1ppm
Common analytical content: ppm to 99.99%
Long-time working stability: 0.1%
Ambient temperature: 15 to 30°
Power supply: AC 220V±5V (equipment of AC purified stabilized voltage power supply is recommended)
Size: 752mm*988mm*759mm (W*H*L)