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Spectrometer analyser EDX1800BS

Spectrometer EDX1800 XRF

According to the wide application of EDX1800B in various fields, EDX1800BS is specially designed for higher performance and higher safety grades.
New generational high-voltage power supply and big power X-ray light tube greatly improve the reliability and testing efficiency of the instrument.

Performance Advantages

Bottom-lighting: convenient for testing samples with various shapes
High resolution Silicon Drift Detector(SDD), providing precise testing
New generational high-voltage supply and big power (100W) X-ray light tube, greatly improving stability and testing efficiency
Precise manual movable platform: convenient for locating testing position
Collimator & Filter: automatic switch

Application Fields

RoHS testing
Mineral & alloy (Cooper, stainless steel, etc.) content testing
Metal plating thickness testing
Plating solution and coating content testing
Gold, platinum, silver and other precious metals or various ornaments content testing

Configurations & Specifications

Measurement principle:EDXRF (Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence)
Applicable sample type: Solid, liquid, powder
Measurement range: S to U
Analytical range: ppm to 99.99%
Resolution: 140±5eV
Testing time cost: 60-100 seconds
Precision: 0.05% (content>96%)
Dimension: 550mm x 410mm x 320mm
Weight: 45kg

Key Components

X-ray tube
Tube voltage 5kV-50kV
Tube current 1~1000µA
High voltage generator
Maximum voltage 50kV
Detector SDD
Filter & Collimator & Automatic switch
Sample Chamber
Sample chamber dimensions: 439mm x 300mm x 50mm
Number of sample-cups:2
Sample observation:CMOS HD camera

Installation Requirements

Power input:220V