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Spectrometer EDX600 XRF
Precious metal analyzer. Express Au, Ag, Pt, Pd spectral analysis.
Spectrometer EDX600B XRF
Precious metal analyzer. Express Au, Ag, Pt, Pd spectral analysis. 2-D software-controlled auto movable sample platform. Laser positioning device. Automatic collimator switch.
Gold analyser EDX660 XRF
Content determination of precious metals Au, Pt, Ag, etc and jewelries. Ergonimic portable design.
Spectrometer EDX860D
EDX 860D, a specialized precious metals tester, is capable of measuring inner walls of the circular samples as well as conducting common planar testing.
Precious metals tester EDX880
EDX 880, a specialized precious metals tester, is capable of measuring inner walls of the jewelries and other irregular samples.
Spectrometer EDX1800B
Elements range: S - U. RoHS detection and analysis. Detection for concentration of golden, platinum, silver, other precious metals and various jewelries. Detection for plating thickness of metals, concentration of plating solution and plating. Full-element analysis for minerals and other resources.
Spectrometer EDX1800BS
According to the wide application of EDX1800B in various fields, EDX1800BS is specially designed for higher performance and higher safety grades. New generational high-voltage power supply and big power X-ray light tube greatly improve the reliability and testing efficiency of the instrument.
Analyser EDX3000
Stable economic spectrometer for different applications: Au, Ag, Pt, Pd, Cu, Zn, Ni testing, Electronic and Electric Appliances (RoHS), Toy & Ceramics, Metallurgy & Minerals, and many others. Si-PIN detector.
Precious Metals Analyzer EDX3000 PLUS
Skyrays New XRF Precious Metals Analyzer- EDX 3000 PLUS is especially good at content testing of gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other precious metals. Equipped with 25mm2 large dimensional beryllium window detector, it can accurately test the content of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, zinc, and nickel in gold, platinum, and gold ornaments. The testing results fully conform to the international GB/T 18043-2000 requirements.
Sulfur analyzer EDX3200S PLUS
EDX3200S PLUS is sulphur analyser in: Petrochemicals,Crude Oils,Liquid element analysis.
Full-element analyzer spectrometer EDX3600
Rapid, accurate, non-destructive, intuitive and environment-friendly X-ray spectrometer can be used in many different applications: Electric and electronics (RoHS), Toys, Ceramics, Metallurgy, Minerals and other industrie.
Spectrometer EDX3600B
EDX3600B X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer uses XRF technology for rapid and accurate elemental analysis of cement and steel. The technology features low-energy X-rays with good excitation results of light elements such as Si, S, Na and Mg. Plus, the test time is short and test efficiency is greatly improved. The instrument is equipped with UHRD detector as well, which leads to good energy linearity, energy resolution, spectrum property and high peak-background ratio.
Spectrometer EDX3600L
Best analyzer for archeologists for element and dating analysis in: Ancient Pottery and Porcelain, Ancient Bronze Ware, Ancient Jewelries, Plating Thickness.
Spectrometer EDX3600H
The halogenfree plan with the new round environmental protection tide is the afforested policy which is greatly promoted by International Green and Peaceful Organization and supported by numerous international environmental protection organizations and international large-scale companies. The European Union 2002/95/EC Instruction, Montreal Protocol, the Stockholm Treaty and the board material laws and regulations of National Electrician Committee (IEC) have restricted on the halogen material. And, IEC 61249-2-21 in IEC laws and regulations stipulates that the maximum limit of chlorine, bromine and the overall halogen is: bromine and chlorine is less than 900ppm respectively; (bromine + chlorine) is less than 1500ppm. EDX3600H perform following tests: Non-halogen testing, All element analysis, RoHS, testing Plating thickness.
Spectrometer cement analyzer EDX6000B
EDX6000B is newly developed by Skyray for cement and mineral industries with in-built movable table. It can test several samples simultaneously through easy and simple operation. Application areas: Cement, Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Aggregate analysis, RoHS testing.
Spectrometer EDX-Portable-I
EDX Portable-1 is specially designed for field-work analysis, which can be used in minerals and other industries. Mainly used in Hydrological survey, Plating Thickness Measurement, Plating solution analysis, Geographic prospecting, Archeological study.
Spectrometer for micro elements analysis SUPER XRF 1050
Advanced optical scheme, low detection limit below 1 ppm. SUPER XRF 1050 can be used for micro elements analysis in metallurgy industry, trace-amount hazardous elements analysis in metals, Trace-amount heavy metal analysis in environmental soil, air, water and other mediums, Trace-amount element analysis in resin film of metal finished product manufacturing, Trace-amount elements harming human body in precious metal industry, Trace-amount element analysis in rare earth, Sub-nanometer thickness analysis in metal plating industry, Trace-amount element harming human body analysis in foreign trade business, Trace-amount element analysis in 8 heavy metals in toys exporting industry.
Micro elements analyzer SUPER XRF 2400
SUPER XRF 2400 is a super functional instrument. It integrates common test and special optical path test mode (super sharp mode). Common test mode can test all elements, precious metals, RoHS, and plating. Super sharp mode can operate more precise testing to trace elements which are cared by customers. Because of the special super sharp optical system developed by Skyray, it reduces the background noise and improves the testing ability. Thus it improves the integral testing ability of the instrument.
Portative Spectrometer EDX-Pocket-III
EDX-Pocket III is a handheld energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer specially developed for field and on-site analysis with the characteristics of small volume, light weight and handheld. The serial models are such as hazardous substance analyzer, alloy grade analyzer, soil analyzer, precious metal analyzer, minerals analyzer.
On-site spectrometer EDX Pocket IV Genius
EDX Pocket Series include RoHS analyzer Genius 3000XRF, alloy analyzer Genius 5000XRF, mineral analyzer Genius 7000XRF, and heavy metals in soil analyzer Genius 9000XRF, which can be applied for in-situ material testing,for on-site on-line analysis of various elements during the process from manufacturing control to finished product testing, for quick identification of alloy number and reliable authentication, for on-site heavy metals testing in soil, and for various kinds of geological and ore samples on-site analysis of multi-elements.
Spectrometer EDX4500
EDX 4500 for testing copper alloy, iron alloy and other metallurgy testing, minerals and other special material contrast analysis.
Mineral Analyzer Series Genius 7000XRF
Handheld mineral analyzer series are specially designed for onsite and outdoor x-ray fluorescence analysis, which fully meets the demand of analyzing geological samples, rock cores, raw ores, wastes, concentrates and tailings on site, quickly recognize unknown sample and identify its component.
Precious Metal Analyzer Genius 1000XRF
Genius 1000 XRF is designed for on-site composition identification, featuring small, light, precise, rapid, beautiful, safe, convenient, waterproof and long standby time. Equipped with digital multi-channel technology, it greatly improves the detection limit and stability of the instrument, expanding the application fields. This product has passed strict testing and inspection, and all index are accorded with the related technological requirements, reaching international advanced level.
Intelligent Precious Metal Analyzer SMART 100
Smart 100 incorporates Skyrays years of experience in precious metal testing with new generation detector and multichannel technology, to realize high counting rate and analyze precious metal accurately. In addition, it is equipped with 2D movable sample platform and HD industrial camera, to achieve accurate sample positioning. (it can effectively analyze 99.99% pure gold).
XRF Precious Metal Analyzer EDX980
The new type XRF Precious Metal Analyzer EDX 980 of Skyray is a unique specialist in analyzing the contents of precious metals like Au,Ag,Pt. It can be equipped with Si-Pin detector or proportional counter, to correctly measure the contents of Au,Ag,Pt,Pb,Cu,Zn,Ni in gold, platinum and K gold jewelries, with test results totally accord with GB/T 18043--2000. One of its outstanding features is that: high--precise Z axis lifting platform is combined with laser positioning function which enables rapid sample height positioning and accurately analyzes the interior wall of jewelries. One key intelligent operation makes precious metal analysis so easy!
Energy Dispersive XRF Spectrometer EDX3600K
Based on its mature desktop XRF spectrometer technology, combined with latest technical results abroad, Skyray Instrument has developed EDX 3600K XRF Spectrometer in possession of independent intellectual property. The biggest strength is its large Be window high resolution. SDD detector and rotary sample chamber. The product has passed the detection of China authoritative institutes, and the technology reaches advanced world level.
EDX 9000 XRF Spectrometer
More accurate test result is the unremitting pursuit of Skyray; meanwhile, we constantly bear in mind to provide customers with superior service. The newly developed EDX 9000 exactly upholds the concept. It not only inherits the merits of Skyray EDX series, but also adopts the most advanced detection technology (X-SDD), which reduces test time to only 1 second. In addition, EDX 9000 also introduces Skyray patented product precise positioning system, which can realize image coordinated control, multi-point continuous test. The new electric sample chamber makes operation easier, and the new designed automatic sample platform guarantees accurate detection.
Environmental Heavy Metal Online Analyze EHM-X100
Environmental Heavy Metal Online Analyzer (EHM-X100), which utilizes the patented technology of Skyray Instrument --- X-ray fluorescence (XRF) nondestructive testing technology, in perfect combination with the environmental particulate matter (PM) automatic deposit technology, is well in compliance with USA EPA Method IO-3.3. By using the core technologies such as the unique X-ray source, the sample excitation structure, the detection system, the PM automatic deposit and automatic sample changing system, the EHM-X100 system has greatly improved its detecting sensitivity of atmospheric heavy metal particles, and can accordingly realize the detection of low-content heavy metals such as Pb, Cd, Cr, As, etc.. Furthermore, it can also achieve the continuous automatic monitoring with long-term (1 to 3 months) unattended operation.