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Electric drying ovens DGF

Electric drying ovens DGF

  • Microcomputer PID control is used, with self-tunning PID function, make sure equipment can reach the best accuracy of temperature control at any working state.
  • Enter parameters manually by pressing up and down key, the setting is simple and convenient, in the meantime, the set temperature and measured temperature are displayed.
  • Convenient temperature compensation function can avoid the error between displayed temperature and measured temperature.
  • The products have function of timing constant temperature when the measured temperature has reached the set temperature.
  • With independent overtemperature protection device, reliability and safety of products are improved.
  • Side heating is adopted, which will not damage the heater even dripping samples that are wet are dried, and it is easy to clean the oven body.
  • Equipped with caster wheel convenient for the movement of products.

Standard Configuration

Model DGF3002B DGF3004B DGF3006B DGF4501B DGF4502B
Circulation method Forced air circulation
Temperature range R.T+10℃~300℃ R.T+20~450℃
Temperature constancy ±0.5℃ ≤±1℃
Temperature uniformity ±2.5%
Increasing temp.time Approx 70min Approx 70min Approx 70min Approx 70min Approx 80min
Interior material Stainless steel SUS 304
Exterior material Electrostatic spraying of epoxy powder on cold-rolled steel sheet
Heat insulating material Glass wool Rock wool
Sealing of door Environment-friendly silicone rubber strip Asbestos cord
Heater Iron-chrome wire heater
Caster wheel Lockable caster wheel
Temperature control method PID Control by microprocessor
Temperature setting method Digital setting with the UP/DOWN key
Temperature display method Digital display by LED
Temperature sensor PT100 Ω
Operation function Fixed temperature operation
Safe Device
Independent overtemp. Prevention, Breaker with overcurrent protection
Internal dimensions (mm) D 500 700 800 450 550
W 600 700 800 500 600
H 750 800 1000 500 650
External dimensions (mm) D 710 860 1010 700 800
W 1060 1160 1270 1150 1250
H 960 1030 1230 900 1050
Internal capacity 225 L 400 L 640 L 110 L 210
Power (KW) Approx 3 Approx 4 Approx 6 Approx 5 Approx 6
Power Supply AV220V/50HZ (single phase) AV380V/50HZ(Three-phase)
Shelf plate,2set/Product description 1set
Optional Accesseries
Programs temp. controller/Additional shelf plate / Cable hole(50mm) / External communication terminal(RS485)/ Observation window etc.

  • The performance shown here is the value under the condition of the ambient temperature of 23∞C±2∞C, humidity of 65%RH±20%. And there is not burden.
  • The projection is not included for Internal dimensions and External dimensions.