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coordinate measuring mashine NEW MMF
The machine is designed as a single side moving-bridge structure that substantially reduced the moving structure weight and significantly improves the movement feature of system to ensure its accuracy and stability.
coordinate measuring mashine Perfection
X axis adopts precision triangle beam structure which acquires patent technology permit, with high rigidity and counter-swinging, designed to improve the measurement accuracy and stability.
coordinate measuring mashine NEW CMF
Three axis guide ways are made of high precision natural granite which ensures the same temperature characteristics to get temperature stability and good rigidity.
coordinate measuring mashine CGF
Guideway in Y direction: up-dovetail technology, with high orientation precision, small dynamic error and good stability, reduce the angle-swinging of beam and improve the motion
coordinate measuring mashine CLF
Guideway in Y direction: single side high-rack technology, reduce the weight when moving frame, and angle-swinging so to improve the system stability.
coordinate measuring mashine CMFH
Machine system: computer-assisted 3D error-modifying technology(CAA), insure the stability and high precision.
coordinate measuring mashine CMF
Guideway in Y direction: orientation structure of dovetail groove, directly on the worktable
coordinate measuring mashine NMF
3 axes motion: both have double-lock switch for applying the brake of air source and transmission, and jiggle installation, can make the precision transmission of single axis come true.
coordinate measuring mashine CCS
Optical illumination system: adjustable LED illumination, make the illumination on the workpiece well-proportioned, improve the measuring precision.
coordinate measuring mashine MCS
Guideway manner: linear guideway made of imported special steel of high resistance to ware, insure the linearity and perpendicularity.