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Low and constant temperature circulators CF

Low and constant temperature circulators CF

  • Compact structure and integrated functions, instrument occupies small area, which can efficiently use lab space.
  • Intelligent microcomputer control system with precise temperature control, double-window digital display with red and green LED, operate by pressing keys, convenient use.
  • Fully-closed high-efficiency air-cooled compressor group is used for cooling, cooling rate is high.
  • Equipped with outside circulating pump system, outside constant temperature field can be set up or cooling liquid in thermostatic bath can be led to test container outside cooling machine.
  • Rear mounted circulating liquid inlet and outlet pipe can be connected with outside test container in different positions.
  • With many protection functions, safety and reliability can be largely improved.

Standard Configuration

Model CF2004 CF2010 CF2016 CF2025 CF2043
Circulation Type Closed System Circulation By Pump
Temperature range -20℃~90℃
Temperature constancy ≤±0.3℃
Pump Max. Flow Rate 15L/min 15 L/min 25 L/min 25 L/min 80 L/min
Pump Max. Lift 8m 8m 10m 10m 7m
Interior material Stainless steel  SUS304
Exterior material Stainless steel  SUS304
Heat insulating material Insulating foam board
Heater Stainless steel tube heater
Agitation device Magnetic pump
Temperature control method PID control by microprocessor
Temperature setting method Digital setting with the UP/DOWN key
Temperature display method Digital display by LED
Operation function Fixed temperature operation
Temperature  sensor PT100 Ω
Refrigeration System
Refrigeration Hermetically-sealed rotary compressor
350W 500W 600W 1000W 1400W
Refrigerant R404A
Condenser Finned tube exchanger
Evaporator Serpentine coil evaporator
Safe Device
Electronics independent over temp. prevention/ Electric Leakage Breaker/ Overcurrent breaker/Refrigerator overheating (overload) overcurrent Relay, Refrigerator-protection Delay Timer Function
Internal dimensions (mm) Φ174×170 Φ250×210 Φ300×235 330×300 Φ370×400
Internal capacity (L) Approx. 4 Approx. 10 Approx. 16 Approx. 25 Approx. 43
Power Supply AV220V/50HZ(single phase) AV380V/50HZ(three-phase)
Power (KW) Approx.0.5 Approx. 0.6 Approx. 0.7 Approx. 1.1 Approx. 1.5
Water pipe,1pcs/Lid,1 pcs/Product description 1 set
Optional Accesseries
Programs controller/stainless steel wordpad

  • The performance shown here is the value under the condition of the ambient temperature of 23∞C±2∞C, humidity of 65%RH±20%. And there is not burden.
  • The projection is not included for Internal dimensions and External dimensions.