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Centrifuge SI CH 2050
Microprocessor control, the AC frequency-conversion motor and imported refrigeration system without Freon for environment protection.
Centrifuge SI CL 550
Microprocessor control, LED and LCD display (by userТs choice), touch panel for easier visibility and access.
Centrifuge SI CL 420/SI CL 500/SI CL 600
SI CL 420/SI CL 500/SI CL 600 are developed with several years experience by our technologists for clinical medicine request.
Centrifuge SI CL 1650
Microprocessor control, DC/AC brushless frequency conversion motor (by userТs choice).
Centrifuge SI TG 1000
SI TG 1000 Microhematocrit centrifuge can be used to determine hematocrit value and separate the micro-blood from micro-solution.
Centrifuge SI DL 600
This centrifuge has expanded the computer direct-operation function on the basis of DL-6M so that users can directly operate the centrifuge by PC.
Centrifuge SI DL 500
SI DL500 is designed for water and deposit determining in crude oil. It meets the requirements of GB/T6533-86 standard.