Home baths

HC/BW Series Constant-temperature water baths
With bigger opening size, it is convenient for users to make direct thermostatic test of samples, it is possible to install outside circulating pump.
Precision thermostatic oil baths GT
Special closed-loop circulating passage structure guarantees sufficient circulation of liquid in working room, key indexes such as evenness and variation are largely improved.
Low constant temperature baths DT
LED digital display of set and measured temperature, deviation of measured temperature can be corrected by microcomputer, digital display can be accurate to 0.001℃.
Standard calibration baths AT
Special structural design, making products more in conformity with scientific theory of fluid dynamics and different indexes of products better guaranteed.
Low and constant temperature circulators CF
Equipped with outside circulating pump system, outside constant temperature field can be set up or cooling liquid in thermostatic bath can be led to test container outside cooling machine.